Sunday, July 17, 2011

Latest Google SEO News

Google Releases Photovine, What Do You Love
Jul 14, 2011 
Google has quietly launched a free invite-only app that allows users to share photos online. The Big G also rolled out the site What Do you Love.

Google recently moved Similar Pages
Jul 13, 2011 
I recently noticed that the Similar link used to be found near the Cached link on Google SERPs is no more coming directly onto the Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Microsoft Adcenter- Get your website ready for MSN in the easiest way
Jul 13, 2011 
A standout feature of Adcenter is its ability to target customers by geography, gender and time of day or week. Select keywords very carefully. Adcenter offers a sophisticated keyword selection tool called adLabs.

How to Use Google Plus?
Jul 08, 2011 
It has been a week since Google launched Google Plus. Last year, speculation about the creation of a new social network aka Google Me were regularly buzz but Google had cut short the rumours by announcing rather the establishment of ... A better way to tell search engine about a web page
Jul 05, 2011 
There is much talk about now-a-days. This project has been rolled out after collaborative effort of major search engines namely: Google,Yahoo and Bing .

Importance of Business Site on Net! Is ROI Important
Jul 04, 2011 
Ever Wondered why many companies whether big or small have sites on the web? The answer is ROI. What exaclty is ROI and how to define it is a big question. Well answer is simple yet difficult to understand.

Being social fulfills your business objectives
Jun 23, 2011 
Social Media is not a way to tell people about your company. It is because if they want to know about you, they can browse through your website. Social Media is a way to get tuned into your customer requirements. Promote ...

Publish Your Product by Using Google Merchant Center
Jun 17, 2011 
Google Product Search allows customers to find your product listings on Google easily as well as quickly . As a merchant, Google Product Search offers you the following advantages:

Google Rolls Out Search by Image 
Jun 14, 2011 
Google, today, announced a revolutionary feature that will change the way users search images. The new feature allows the users to upload the image, drag the image into the box or past the URLs to find out tons of information ...

Google Launches Instant Pages
Jun 14, 2011 
Continuing with its Obsession for speed, Google today announced a new feature Instant Pages that will predict users preferred page from the search results and start fetching the data from that page even before the user clicks on the link

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