Saturday, February 27, 2010

Introduction Of Software

Programming language contains the series of commands that create software. In general, a language that is encoded in binary numbers or a language similar to binary numbers that a computer’s hardware understands in understood more quickly by the computer. A program written in this type of language also runs faster. Language that use words or other commands that reflects how humans think are easier for programmers to use easier for programmers to use, but they are slower because the language must be translated first so the computer can understand it.

A computer follows the instructions given by the programmer to perform a specific job. To perform a particular task, programmer prepares a sequence of instructions known as Program. A program written for a computer is known as software. The program is stored in RAM. The CPU takes one instruction of the program at a time from RAM and executes it. The instructions are executed one by one is sequence and finally produced the desired result. The language of 1s and 0s is known as binary language and it is also known as Machine language.

Earlier programs were written only in Machine Language in which each instruction was in a form of long strings of 1s and 0s. These programs were understood by the computer but not easily understood by the human behind. Therefore, the computer remained to a common man till the High Level Language were developed.

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