Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SEO Secrets Book Now Free With Confidential

Confidential SEO Secrets Book Now Free

We have previously reviewed Confidential SEO Secrets book by Allen Harkleroad. If I go back to my archives I'll find certainly a paper copy of the book with notes and correction that I have made manually last year - the book has another name in that time. Anyway the good news this time is that Confidential SEO secrets book is now available for FREE, in its latest revision copy with 79 pages PDF. Download SEO Secrets book today totally free, no registration required, no strings attached. Get it today and become your own SEO expert, and if you enjoy it why not consider making a donation ?


Scraping Links With PHP

Justin Laing have written a good tutorial on scraping links from any website using PHP. Very useful if you look forward making a link analyzer tool. The tutorial uses CURL and DOMXPath to retrieve data and extract links. However you can also use it to retrieve more informations about the same link such the "alt" and "target" attributes.
$url = $href->getAttribute('href');
$alt = $href->getAttribute('alt');
$target = $href->getAttribute('target');
Then you can change your tables accordingly to store these new informations.

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