Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everything you need for SEO: SoloSEO

Everything you need for SEO: SoloSEO:

SoloSEO, Everything you need for SEO

Sponsored Post: SoloSEO is a great collection of web-based tools to manage your SEO project. The service aims to provide a set of useful tools to help your site rank higher in search engines. You can start by adding a new project, then from the Dashboard you will have access to different informations like Active tasks, tools, stats, reports and checklists.SoloSEO allow you to watch easily your competitors so you can monitor your or their progress in one place with information like indexed pages, backlinks, PageRank, and Alexa rating. For someone working regularly with SEO and marketing tools I find it extremely simple and easy to use.
Keyword Management tool
Good Keywords are the key of ranking well on search engines, and it's very important to have a background about the keywords that you are using on your website. That's why the service provide two tools, the first one to manage your keywords which will help you to get all your keywords in one place, and the second one the keywords finder which queries multiple sources for keywords and let you add them to your list.
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