Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cheap International Calls-Tippy Call

One of the cheapest available alternatives to Skype and Whatsapp Calling, when it comes to VoIP and voice calling, Tippycall offers low cost voice calling along with cheap international calls which can be received without Wi- fi or 3g/4g Data connection or even to a landline. It is available across the globe and offers some of the lowest rates available. The Tippycall app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Currently Tippycall is giving an inaugural US$1 Credit on download and subscribers can start talking immediately after registration and test the crystal clear voice quality of Tippycall.International calls can be dialed to any country in the world at unbelievably rates, even to persons not having smart phones and to fixed lines also. No data connection is needed by destination party of the call.
Families share special moments together, students go beyond the classroom walls to learn in new ways and colleagues get to work from virtually anywhere. This is the power of talking. You can be present amongst your loved ones even if you are halfway across the globe. A doting parent, a loving spouse and small children look forward to receiving your call and their day is made when they are able to talk to you. You need not leave your social circle behind  in your country when on an extended international trip.Sta in touch with one and all  by regularly calling them and talking to them.All this is made possible by the Cheap Affordable but crystal clear international calls made using the Tippy call app.

Further details can be seen on the company’s website


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