Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GNIIT Job: Job for GNIIT, JOB for GNIIT students, Job for niit students

GNIIT Job: Job for GNIIT, JOB for GNIIT students, Job for niit students
Job for GNIIT students, It is big question for all GNIIT students who have done GNIIT from NIIT Institute. There lots of NIIT center in across the world and millions of students are studding there, Indian is hub of NIIT center because there are thousands of NIIT center whose are offer there best course thats called GNIIT.

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"Job for GNIIT students every" students are searching on the net or news paper why? If NIIT gives them100% placement. What is rely happing with these students you can ask them because they can give you exact answers.
'ok', can you tel me a students who have done B.A. with history, Sanskrit & Political science, How he is able to get job in the IT sector? Now, you can find answer why GNIIT students are not getting good job in IT companies.
A teacher who are getting less than 8000 salary and not able to get job in IT companies, how can teach IT students?
Forgot, Now question is how to find GNIIT students a good job because NIIT provide to mostly students in the Call center.

Job for GNIIT:- If he have done Bsc in IT or MS in IT then he can easily job but if he is a art student then he will get problem in finding jobs.

I want to tel you good tips for GNIIT students because i am also a GNIIT students now you can see I have my own website ( I have five website) which are giving me 1,00000 per month.

Keep your mind on the one subject just like if you want to go in Java then don't forgot it, and same for ASP, Web designing or DBMS( Oracle).

Who have done graduation in Art like ( Sanskrit, History, Political Science):
You have also a excellent  way to get success in your life which is SEO/ SEM.
There are lots of requirement in across the world for Search engine optimizations/ Search Engine Marketing.
It is one or two month course and you can get more than 20000 after completing graduation.


  1. wow.very well said...
    but how you host this wensite? i mean posting a website needs a domain for database........
    i also want to create a website...can you help me?
    i am also a gniit student....semester 3 going on...

  2. It's Completely False.Please don't believe on this.

  3. GNIIT is a Completely Fake Course which Provided by the World's most Fake Institute NIIT so,Please aware from this or such type of things

    1. I agree it is a fake,I had 83%(sci) in 12th, I had visited to NIIT, which was my lifes biggest mistake, they ppl very nicely convenience me,that time nobody was there to guide me, and i wasnt aware abt this typ of fake institute,I joined NIIT, then they ppl said u complete your graduation in any field no prob we are providing placemnets, then I had completed my B com in 2009, 30 students batch were there and nobdy has got job on the basis of GNIIT,some has joined BPO sm is working in other fields.I am working in HR.some are studying.in this year we will get GNIIT on the basisi of that BPO job and NIIT will publish in this year we have palced so and so students. Dont join NIIT guys, mere jaise career ki wat mat lagao.,Soft Engineer banane ka dream ek dream hi reh jayega if you join NIIT...:-( :-(

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  5. i am gniit student. niit is a fake institute. niit not helping me to get a job...

  6. dear all frds..i m also niitian...get job its depend on us not blame to any one...if i have proper skills then no one cn stop me or if it s nt then weeping like dis..
    y d wy i have also develop one website which is www.battingclub.com/
    and have earn a lot of money frm this website.

  7. FAILURES keep on compllaining.....those who r gud at something den no one can stop getting u a "Good Job"

  8. FAILURES keep on compllaining.....those who r gud at something den no one can stop getting u a "Good Job"

  9. Hey guys I also GNIIT student.it is true that NIIT is Fake bcoz no one help in NIIT about the career guideline. I'll also say,,,Niit is fake don't waste ur time in GNIIT,without guidance no choose this course..

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