Friday, October 22, 2010

Programming Language

Developing n algorithm needs no knowledge of any computer language. But its implementation requires the knowledge of the targetcomputer language. Computer languages have different capabilities. Each computer language has been designed to facilitate a particular type of algorithm. Implementation. Hence, COBOL is more and what result is  suited for business-related algorithm while FORTRAN for engineering-related algorithms.Is, in this regard, a general-purpose language and is suitable for all types of algorithms.
Programming Languages

Starting from a problem (to be solved), constructing an algorithm for the solution of the same and solving the problem using, is known as algorithm implementation. Algorithm implementation involves the following different phases of activities.
Problem definition
Understanding the information given and what result is asked for.

Problem Analysis
To analyze the problem to understand and formulate line late a possible line of attack in order to solve it.

Algorithm Designing 
Applying top-down or bottom-up approach and describing the algorithm.

Algorithm analysis
To evaluate the designed algorithm and if necessary design alternative algorithm to suit the requirements
Algorithms, thus developed, may be employed by a person or a machine to solve the problem.As, stated executor of the algorithm must understand the language the language in which the algorithm has been expressed. In case, the person executing the algorithm understands Russian language only, the algorithm must be translated in Russian, before that person may execute it.

In order that a computer may execute the algorithm, the algorithm must be translated into a language that computer understand. An algorithm written in a computer language is known as a program And using an algorithm by translating it into a suitable computer language is known as its implementation. It involves, among others, conversion of the data variables stated in the algorithm into the language into the language specific data types, selecting suitable data structures etc.

An algorithm may be implemented either in the hardware or in the software. It may also be implemented as software embedded into the hardware, when it isis known as firmware to distinguish it from software.

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