Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Directory submisions | What is directory submission

Directory submissions are a basic and most effective part of Search Engine Optimization. It is use to generate one way link for website and link building is necessary for website. One way link will increase page traffic and Page Rank on the all search engine. When you are going to do Search engine Optimization then you should follow the following steps. You can get services from best seo company such as from Los Angeles or you can do own by help of seo course.


There are following steps for directory submissions:

1) Site Information- Before going to do directory submission's you should know about you site information such as site title, descriptions, where do you want to submit site, how to generate tag, basics knowledge of computer and Internet, about search engine.

2)Search Web Directory- To search web directory you should have knowledge about Google, yahoo, bing search engine. Go to and in the search box type 'PR2+ web directory’, ‘web directory list', 'free web directory', or 'seo friendly web directory list'. Now, you can collect all web directories from Google search results, save all listing in the Microsoft Excel Sheet. See list in images.

3) Generate Site Information- Make note pad page and include you site information such as you are site title(title should be belong to your site), description (write description which related to your title), Mata tags(generate meta tags or keywords), Email (you should have email address for getting response from web directory where you have just submitted you site link), Images(some directory have required images) after generating site information page you will go to next steps which is called directory submission.

4) Submissions- Submissions is main part of these steps. Open Excel Sheet where you have saved directory list and browse it in the Internet browser then go to the submit button, click it. Now, a directory submissions form will appear on the dashboard, submit step by step your all information in the form (some web directory form want spam verification, it is a collect of number, character or both simply copy in the text box) now go to lat button that is Submit.

5) Response- Open Email Id in an check all response which are coming from web directories sum web directory want Email verification, they give you a link just click it. Some times directories didn't accepting link (wrong url, name, resubmission etc) correct it and then resubmit.

Directory submissions are basics and most effective form one way internal link building. So do directory submissions in the high Page Rank directory listing.