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What is SEO, adsense SEO, infolinks SEO, google SEO

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SEO or Search engine optimization is a fantastic way to promote website on the world wide web. There are lots of steps which can help you to promote your site and steps are divided in the two part first is Off Page Optimization and second On Page. you can join best seo course for learning seo.

Following are the example of On Page SEO and Off Page.

A) Off page SEO- in the Off page SEO work are mainly depend on the off page mines you don't need to do any work in your site, you will do all work offline such as:

1) Directory Submissions- Directory are hands of website because it will generate quality back link for your site and these back links are called one way back link. To submit your site in the web directory you want to create a text document which is related of your website.
Create an Email address which can gmail, yahoo mail or other paid mail id.
     *Create Site title.
     *Copy your site URL.
     *Create keywords which are related to your topics.
     *Create site description.
After creating these text document now find web directory from ''. You can easily find it just type in the google search box ' PR2+ drectory listing' Free web directory list' etc.
      *Open directory site on the browser and find submit options.
      *Copy and past all your site information in the directory text box ( You can do better
         with the help of 'Robo From' just one click and all form will feel instantly).

2) Article Submissions- Articles are a little story of your site information, just chose your favorite topics from your site pages, which page you want to promote and write a story, find  article sites and past it. It will help you to generate traffic and improve site reputation.
3) Bookmarking- Now,days bookmarking is key of Off page Optimization because it is generating lots of traffic and improving page rank.

Press Release- Press Release mainly use to promote new product in the market and generate traffic on the site. You want to create updates about your campaigns or new products and submit it in the 'Press Release Sites' you will see after two or three hours your Press Release live.

Comment Posting- This is a great way to get to index in Search Engine  find blogs and search topics about your product, site, or title then write something about topics which you funded in the blog. Don't use same content to every comments because it would be spam.

Blogs Posting-  you can also create a blog and write updates about your company, brands, website, title. There are many free blog provider such as Blogger, Wordpress, Reddit.

Link Building- You can also build link even other way such as Link Exchange, Paid link etc.

On Page SEO- On Page Search Engine Optimization is heart of website because search engine likes this. There are lots of steps which use in On Page SEO such as:
Content Writing- Contents are live of website because users want to see only content they don't want to know how your site optimize, how many back is there, what is PR. Contents are most important for website so, you must write frees content.

Title- You site depend on the title tag suppose a user want to search mobile in the Google search engine. He would be type 'Mobile Shop in US' , 'Top mobile shop', 'online mobile' whatever he type. You title must match on the user search.

Meta tag- e HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. Such elements must be placed as tags in the head section of an HTML or XHTML document. Meta elements can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other metadata not provided through the other head elements and attributes.

H1 to H6 tag- This tags are important because robot will search ..............

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