Thursday, January 27, 2011

Second Generation of computer

Second Generation of computer

big revolution in electronics took place with the invention of transistors by Nardeen, Brattain and Shockley in 1946.

Transistors made of germanium semiconductor material were reliable compared to vacuum tubes since transistors had material were highly reliable compared to vacuum tubes since transistors had no filament to burn. They occupied less space and used only a tenth of the power required by tubes. They could also switch from a 0 to 1 state in few microseconds, about a tenth of the time needed by vacuum tubes thus computers made with transistor were about ten times reliable and faster, dissipated one-tenth the power, occupied about one-tenth the space and were ten times cheaper than those using vacuum tubes. Computer manufacturers thus changed over to transistors from tubes. The second generation of computers emerged around 1955 with the use of transistors instead of vacuum tubes in computers. This generation lasted till 1965.

Magnetic cores were invented during this generation for storage. They were used to construct large random access memories. Memory capacity in the second generation was about 100 kilo bytes. Magnetic disk storage was also developed during this proud.

The higher reliability of computer and large memory availability led to the development of high level languages. Good batch operating systems, particularly the ones IBM 7000 series computers emerged during the second generation.

Second generation of computer was one of the best discovered because they improved there lots of latest technology which you could not find in the first generation of computer. They improved quality of computer and also solved space problems.

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