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Island:Bohol island philippines

Bohol has a large number of hotels, resorts, and other facilities for tourists. Most of these are concentrated in Tagbilaran and around Alona Beach, with a few more scattered around the island. To help you make your choice we have listed most hotels here, with some short personal comments.

We often get requests for the cheapest resorts or places to stay. This, however, is an question we will answer, as it makes little sense. I think it is better to go for the best value for money, within your budget, and considering your wishes. There are expensive hotels that are worth every centavo and cheap hotels that offer great value for money, but you can also find really bad places in every price-range.

The purpose of this site is to help you find a place that matches your budget and expectations. As a general rule, if you want to stay directly on the beach, you pay much more, and could easily find a much more pleasant place a few hundred meters from the beach. When you select one of the larger, secluded resorts, you will pay considerably more than with most smaller resorts, especially if alternative locations are nearby (such as on Alona Beach).

Details for resorts can also be found via our search interface.


Anda, a peaceful municipality on a peninsula with the same name at the north-east of Bohol, about 100 kilometers from Tagbilaran (2 hours by bus), is so-far mostly unaffected by tourism, but this is likely to change once more people discover its wonderful beaches, and the attractive environment of the peninsula. So far, only a few resorts have opened their doors to visitors, but a few more are in development.

Bituon Beach Resort, under German and Filipino management is located on top of some very nice cliffs in Basdio, Guindulman. It consists of a number of nicely maintained bungalows in native style with a terrific sight across the Bohol Sea. The bungalows are provided with basic facilities, and are clean and spacious. They lack an aircon, but, given the normally cool breeze that blows from the see, you won't miss it. The restaurant serves excellent food, but is not a-la carte, although they will adjust to special dietary wishes, and is one of the few places in Bohol able to prepare a good vegetarian meal. Bituon Beach Resorts has its own complete diving facilities. The resort also has its own tiny patch of beach at the feet of the cliffs. A concrete stair will lead you to a very small beach, from which the resort's dive-boats leads you to a number of dive-sites along the coast of the Anda peninsula.

Bungalow at Bituon Beach Resort
This resort caters mostly to German speaking scuba divers who arrive here on fully pre-arranged tours. The rate starts at EUR 34 per person (not per bungalow) per night, including all meals. Given the location on top of high cliffs, the place is less suitable for small children.

Cocowhite-Beach Resort, also in Basdio, but Swiss owned, opened its door on 4 May 2002. It has a small private beach, and includes all facilities for diving, including courses. The resort also is mainly oriented to German speaking guests on fully arranged tours. Cocowhite Beach resort has its own patch of beach underneath some nice cliffs. Rates are in the order of USD 30 per person per night, including all meals.

Dapdap Beach Resort, in Candabong, Anda, lies at the western end of Anda's stretch of wonderful beaches. Under Filipino management, this resort offers aircon rooms up to PHP 1500, and family rooms for PHP 600. Simple nipa huts can be had for PHP 400. It also offers shelters for picnics.
Flower-Beach Resort, in Virgen, Anda, provides airconditioned guestrooms in duplex houses. Build in traditional materials, but designed to western comfort standards. The resort has its own diving facilities, with access to some of the better, but less visited diving spots near Anda.
 to the west of Bohol, part of the municipality of Loon. Unlike the nearby islands of Sandingan and Pangangan it is not connected with the main land of Bohol, so you'll need to go there by boat, which is possible from Barangay Mocpoc in Loon. On the island are three resorts, and some of the best diving locations of the Philippines. The dive-site north-west of Cabilao Island is a favorite spot for shark enthusiasts, as hammerhead sharks can be seen here regularly. On the island itself, birds are protected, which means that you can see more of these feathered friends than you are used to on the main-land.

rt, in operation since January 2004 and has four bungalows with all facilities, and a restaurant plus bar.

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