Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Central Processing Unit

The Central Processing unit is the brain of the computers system. The input and output devices may vary for different application, but there is only one CPU for a particular computer. The specifications of a computer are basically characterized by its Central Processing Unit.

The CPU processes the data it receives as input (either through input devices or through the memory). As mentioned earlier the CPU receives the data in the from of binary bits, which it can understand.

1. the CPU can perform arithmetic calculation such as addition, subtraction etc.
2. the CPU can perform logical decisions.
3. The CPU with the help of other devoices can perform data transmission.
4. The CPU can perform manipulating tasks such as word processing.
5. After performing the required task the CPU may place results in memory or send results to the output device according to the instruction given to it.

The central processing unit can be further divided into:

1. Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU)-

As the name may indicate the arithmetic logic unit performs all arithmetic and logic calculations on the data it receives.

2. Arithmetic Calculations-

The arithmetic calculations may be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation etc.

3. Logical Calculation-

Logical calculations are basically decision making statements. For example, A>B, decides whether is A is greater B or not; IF A is greater than B the statement is true and logical ‘1’ would be generated, otherwise a logical ‘0’ would be generated. Some logical decide the further routing of the program.

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