Sunday, February 7, 2010

Characteristics of Computers

Speed: A computer is a very fast and accurate device. It can process thousands of instructions within a few seconds for which a human being can take several days or months.

Accuracy: Degree of accuracy of the computer is very high. Errors can occur in computerized system also but most of them occur due to human mistakes rather than technical problems is the computer.

Versatility: We can perform many different tasks on the computer. One moment it might be busy in calculating the statistical data of a business organization for annual performance evaluation and at next moment it is capable of working on inventory control.

Permanent Memory: We can store very large amount of information in the secondary storage devices. This information stays with the computer for further use where as humans tend to forget things.

Diligence: Computer is free from problems like exhaustion, lack of concentration, confusion, etc., unlike human beings.

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