Sunday, February 28, 2010

Object Oriented Language

We have discussed that the object oriented programming is the latest approach in programming. The languages which are based on object oriented programming (OOP) approach, are called as Object Oriented Language. They may be classified into Fifth Generation Languages. Object oriented languages are specially useful for development of GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications. These languages also after a unique feature of reusable Code. Some of the popular object oriented languages are Smalltalk, C++ and object
COBOL, Object Pascal, Simula, Eiffel, Java & Visual J++. C++ and Visual J++ are widely used now-a-days for development of window-based applications.

Characteristics of a Good programming language:

A good programming language should have the following characteristics:

1)It should easy to learn and understand.
2)It should be more user-friendly.
3)The problem can be solved in a specific number of statements.
4)Debugging of the program should be easy.
5)Programs or parts of programs should be reusable.
6)Execution time of the programs should not be very high.

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