Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Generation of programming languages

Computer science cience is dominating day by day, Computer including hardware & software. You can make software by help of programming language. Programming language can be categories by its generation you can say Generation of programming language. There are lots of changing came in programming since 1940-50 and right now you are able to make any software by help of programming language. If you are going to categories programming language then first you should see it generation. 

There are three Generation of programming languages:

1)Machine Level Language:

In the first generation of programming language used Vacuum Tube, Vacuum Tube was the main part of First Generation of programming language. You know that computer work on the binary system which is 0 and1. We send request in the computer in the alphabetic or numeric but computer read it’s as 0 and 1. Before came high level programming language our scientist were using 0 and 1 to give instruction in the computer. This type of language called low level language and its understood by computer, its only use to solve problem at a time.

2)Assembly Language:

Second-generation computers moved from cryptic binary machine language to symbolic, or assembly, languages, which allowed programmers to specify instructions in words. High-level programming languages were also being developed at this time, such as early versions of COBOL and FORTRAN. These were also the first computers that stored their instructions in their memory, which moved from a magnetic drum to magnetic core technology. The computers of this generation have an added value as they were developed initially for atomic industry.

3)High Level Language

High level of programming language can be understood by human and it is too easy for it’s another versions. We are using generation of language in the building of high level software such as Windows MS offices, Web based programming. It is including C#, C++, Java, and other lots of programming language. Now you are able to understand any programming instruction because it’s Graphical User Interface such Windows OS where you can access computer with help of mouse and key board. 

There are many generation of programming which you can categories by its generation. When you want to see programming categories then first came very old versions that’s called Machine Level Language and its is very hard to read or give instruction in the computer because it was in the farm of 0 and. In the second generation of programming is assembly level language, There are very few different between first generation of programming language. One of the big changes came in the programming language which called High level of programming language. Right now you are using high level of programming and you know that how it is helpful for you.

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