Monday, December 20, 2010


Many people are asking, what is GNIIT? NIIT is world largest training institute and providing information technology training in across the world.
NIIT offer 100% placement for all its GNIIT students but what is rely NIIT doing you can ask to any NIIT students. I 100% guaranteed no one tell you NIIT is a training institution because there rules. NIIT can give admission in GNIIT (which is best course of NIIT) who have done MA in Sanskrit, History or art, Thinks a history students how can solve programming algorithm such as JAVA, C#, .NET; That type of students after completing cores from NIIT can’t find job in the market, companies never give job to students who have done M.A. in Sanskrit or History.
What is GNIIT? It is not difficult to know just read all speech.
I am GNIIT students from India, when I got admission in NIIT. They were saying, we are proving jobs for every student in top IT companies. After tow month I seen teacher didn’t came in class and some teacher were NIIT students. Don’t forgot NIIT providing three class in the week two classes are theory and one is practical, means total 12 to 13 class in the month. If two of three classes will miss teacher then you get 10 classes in the month means total 20 hours and an IT students in another college getting 120 hours classes in the one month. How NIIT students are able to get job in the Information Technology companies.
I think 90% of NIIT students are not able to get any jobs in the IT companies because a DCA student is better more than GNIIT students and they can get better jobs in the market. When you will complete GNIIT placement stops will not listen your problems, they will behave you like you are a pour man. When you will say madam/sir I didn’t have placement yet. They will what you learn yet? Think when there teach aren’t able to get job in the IT companies then what they will teach you?
In the government college teacher are too educated, they are JRF, NET, GET or PHD qualified and teaching you as you are not his students you are his son, they are getting 6 to 15 lacks per years. And NIIT teacher are 12 + one year on 2 years of NIIT students and getting 5000, to 8000 in the month, how they will teach you? I mean a call center    employee getting 10000 to 20000 in the month.
I have done my GNIIT in 2009 but not get placement yet. Because of I am Sanskrit graduate and companies are saying your profile is not good for my company. I was student of best intuition of NIIT and many students were knowledge more than teacher but they also didn’t have placement in IT Company. Some students got placement in the IBM call center as customer care and paling product. I think a common student can do it who have done 12th.
If you are going to take admission in NIIT then first get all information about branch where you are taking admission. Because if you will get good teacher and you are learning better you can do any think. You can become eligible more than IIT students. Now I am eligible more than IIT students because many IT students are working in my company. There is one region for my success because of, I was creative and NIIT gave me more for fight to world. Never forgot “know one teach you, you will teach yourself”
GNIIT is best of everyone who want to learn

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