Friday, December 17, 2010

What is programming language?

What is programming language: it is not difficult to learn.
Computer can work through hardware and software. A programming language is a code that can make programs which is use to make software. Programming languages have some built in function which is based on the protocols. “Programming language is use to communicate which computer “. Programs are written in the machine language because computer can understand only machine language. Programming language are able to build any types of programs or software such Database Management System, Website development, website designing.
There are lots of programming language came in the market because now days computer science is dominating per hours based, so we need latest and useful language. Computer cannot operate by human speech, but it can understand programming language. We can give instruction to computer in the form of Alphabetic character or numeric value and compiler will convert this value in to machine language which computer can understand. After calculating value computer will give you response in the character & numeric format which human can understand. But don’t forget because every think can happen by help of programming languages.
There are many category of programming which you can identify by its generation such as first generation of programming languages, second generations of programming language etc. In around 1940 came first generation of programming language that called assembly language. Assembly language was very hard to read or a common people can’t understand what is this. It is based on the 0 and 1 which called binary code. After that second generation languages came which is machine language but it was also not very helpful for human.
The latest and advance programming came which is object oriented programming language. This is most effective programming language and a common can cheaply understood. This language solves high critical calculation and makes too effective software for computer. There are some examples of Object oriented programming languages are Java, C+, C++, C#, ASP, JSP etc.  You can make any software by help of OO programming language such as MS office, Marketing software, medical software, Mobile software etc.
Programming language is a code that uses to make software that use to communicate with computer. Its can solve very   hard calculation just one mouse click. There lots of category in programming language which can identify by its generation. Programming languages have three generation from 1940. Right now we are using advance programming language which called Object Oriented programming languages.

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