Thursday, March 3, 2011


Aberdeen, Scotland's search marketing company Red Evolution is the clear winner. The marketing company has reached the number one spot ten times during the past twelve months. The company's margin over the next Top 5 Search Optimisation Company "Just Search" from Manchester is statistically significant.

Just Search improved from 5th position in January 2010 to a steady second spot in October 2010 and maintained its position throughout the year.

The full Internet service provider Big Fish from Milnthorpe takes the 3rd spot and Gforce from Kent 4th.

The full list is available at:

The best search engine optimisation company from London, Search Engine Optimising ranks 7th on the UK list. The full list of London's best SEO companies is available at:

These results represent a victory for smaller SEO companies, and have led many to ask why large, well known companies didn't rank better on this list. Artur Grzebowski, founder SEO.NeT comments:

"Rankings from 2010 are based mainly on popularity metrics, which means the ability of an SEO Company's website to rank in the search engines. In this case a good SEO strategy with good execution pays off very well. The image of known SEO Marketing Companies is established not only through SEO but also PR and Marketing efforts, which means that a company's image does not always match its performance. Rankings may change significantly in June this year when a customer satisfaction metric will be added to the ranking algorithm to better describe customers' perceived quality."

Any company that offers at least one SEO service can be added to the SEO comparison engine at no charge. The SEO Comparison Service will open for public registration in June 2011 and the amount of companies in the index is expected to grow fast. The comparison engine updates rankings every day and gives advanced comparison possibilities for creating custom Top list categories.

As an example, here is a list of the best Web Design companies in UK that offer SEO:

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