Friday, March 25, 2011

Evaluate the Efficacy of a Link from its Price

The fact that links are indispensable for a web site have resulted in a pool of them beingavailable at different prices. You will find a link as cheap as $2 and as expensive as $15 or more. It really becomes quite mind boggling for an on-line business owners to decide which link would be the best for their business. More often than not, people prefer to get links ranging between $2 to $3. The reason being that such links seem inexpensive and result oriented. However, truth is far from it.
One of the catch in the low cost links ranging from $2-$3 is that you would have no idea about the page rank of the web page from which the link is procured. The link building company offering low cost links do promise you the relevant and high PR links but in  what you get does not meet your expectations. Most of the times such links are procured from web pages which have a very low page rank. Also, there is a high possibility that such web pages have more than hundred back links on them. That means if you get a link from such a page, you are flouting one of the rules of Google.
A good quality and result oriented link may cost somewhere around $5 or more. One of the things you can be assured about such links is their relevancy. These good quality SEO friendly linksare built naturally on a sustainable pace. A good link building package includes a perfect combination of all types of links of different PR. This process also makes a link development , a natural process in the eyes of search engines. Such links are also not procured from web pages which have more than 100 links on it. They come with an advantage of frequent link audits that takes care of all broken or removed links. You can be rest assured that these links are not sourced from FFAs.
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