Sunday, March 7, 2010

Searching Specific Content On the Google

You can customize your search for information on the Web to return the URLs for the websites that display only images, people information, mailing lists, and newsgroups. Specific features of the search engine that are used to display these features are.

Searching for Graphics:

If you want only images pertaining to the text string you enter in the search field to be displayed, you can make use of the images hyperlink provided by the Google and AltaVista search engines. The images hyperlink is available on the home page of the website. When you enter any search string in the search text box, the result Web page displays a collection of graphics and their sources and not the text of the Web page. For example, to search for the images related to different facial expressions.

Open Internet Explorer and Type in the Address Bar.

Click the Images hyperlink on the Google website home page.

Type Expressions in the search text box.

Searching Specific for People: You can locate personal information, such as the house addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers, of individuals by using search engines, Some search engines that provide this feature are:

Yahoo! People Search
Find Person at
Switchboard at
Search Websites Companies

These websites maintain their database through one of the following sources:

Telephone directories
Public directories

Searching Mailing Lists:

You can send e-mails to a certain group of people to promote your products of services by using mailing lists. There are websites that enable search for mailing lists on the Internet. You can access to use free discussion lists. This website offers over 40,000 lists. Consider the following example. Steve is working as Marketing manager with a company that deals in aircraft spare parts. Steve needs to promote the products and services of his company to various airlines. To do this, he needs to performs the following steps

1.Open Internet Explore and type in the Address Bar.
2.Type airlines in the Search text box.
3.Click the Search button to display the following results.

Searching Groups:

To find a group of your interest, you can type the name of the group in the search text box or browse the links from the Groups Web page. This will display a list of subgroups. When you click a particular subgroup, a date-wise listing of the recent subjects for that group is displayed. If you click on any subject name, the most recent posts on the subject will appear.

Advance Search:

You can optimize searches to retrieve more precise results using different search operators as well as the advanced features offered by various search engines. These search operators also known as Boolean operator help you to specify additional parameters for the type of information based on a combination of several text strings.

The following Boolean operators that are commonly used in search phrase.

1)(And or +):

Search for the Web pages that contain each of the specified words.

The search string Mars AND Saturn AND Jupiter will search for the websites or Web pages that contain information about all the specified terms, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. The same search string can also be written as Mars + Saturn + Jupiter.


Searches for the Web pages that contain any of the specific words. Example, The search string, Mars or Jupiter, will search for documents that contain information about Mars or Jupiter or both.

3)(Not or-):

Search for the Web pages that contain the information about the word specified before the NOT operator and does not search for the Web pages that contain the information about the word specified after the NOT operator.

4)Quotation Marks(“”) :

Searches for the Web pages that contain the exact phrase. Example, The search string “Life on Mars”, will search for the websites or Web pages that contain the exact phrase, “Life on Mars”.

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