Thursday, March 4, 2010

Administration and Ownership of Internet

One think is certain nobody owns the Internet, nobody funds it. In fact, every person who gets connected to the Internet becomes a part of the Internet family. The Internet is not administered by any center body.

Many committees are working in teams to constantly maintain the internet and promote communication on the Internet. It appoints the Internet Arch Board which authorizes standards and allocates and keeps a record of Internet resources (like IP addresses). Internet Engineering is another voluntary group which handles technical problems. Coordination function of domain names to help cover administrative costs.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Jooks after security matters. There are many more voluntary bodies and the underlying concept of communication on the internet is that the local area networks are interconnected regionally. These regional networks are connected to a backbone.
These backbones are interconnected to each other at gateways. Gateways basically translate data from one kind of network to another.


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