Thursday, March 4, 2010

Use of the Internet

1)Employment Opportunities:

The Internet opens up a web of employment opportunities. As e-commerce is making rapid strides in India, and more and more companies are logging on to the Internet, many career opportunities have been created like that of web administrator, web designer, web developer, web page hosting administrator, web designer, web developer, web page hosting, e-commerce, and consultation groups.

2)Great Speed and Good Information Flow:

An MCA students was looking for job opportunities in IT companies. By 12 p.m., she had identified five interesting jobs to which she e-mailled her resume and faxed some additional information which information required in company. Within three house, she received from three companies information regarding personal interview. Had conventional methods been used, the entire process would have taken a few days to a few weeks.


The internet provides a wide of entertainment like, movies, music, and games. In fact, there are certain screen savers that provide good quality music so much that you going to the website Another websites provides you lats of information about entertainment.

4)Business by Internet:

E-commerce is the killing application of the Internet, where all sorts of business function like ordering of items, making quotations, payment of bills, exchange of business document take place. The place the only thing that is not possible on the Internet is the actual supply of goods apart from documents and software.

5)Good Communication:

Communication is the keyword today. In fact, due to this capability the word seems to get smaller all the time. Letters, telegrams, faxes are all one way communication but the Internet offers a huge variety in the types of information exchange, namely interactive, off-line, one-to-one communication, one to many communication, and so on.

6)Reduction of Uncertainty:

Faster access to information brings the latest technique and technologies at your doorstep thus increasing productivity. Uncertainty in mailing addresses, etc., have diminished as an organizational or a residential address may change but the person can still be connected as his e-mail; identity remains the same Of course, if the e-mail address is abandoned, then tracing a person would be next to impossible.

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