Saturday, March 6, 2010

Introduction of Search Engines

Search engines

are websites that allow users to search information on the basis of keywords or a combination of keywords. For example: If I want music related information than, I will search music as a key word.

A search engine takes the keyword to be searched as the search string and returns the URLs of the websites that contain information on the object specified. This is similar to a librarian who guides you towards a particular section of books for reference after you specify the topic that you are looking for.

Thus, search engine are the key for locating information on the ever-expanding Internet. Without the use of search engines, locating information on a specific topic would be time consuming and cumbersome because one would not be able to gather information from all the possible sources available on the Internet.

Most popular search engine are:

1) Google
2) Lycos
3) Yahoo
4) HotBot
5) Alta Vista

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