Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Work Search Engine

Search engine

use programs that gather Web pages that are relevant to the keyboard specified in the Search text box. These programs are called spiders or crawlers. Spider programs visit a Web page, red the information present on the Web page, interpret the keyboards on the Web page, and follow the link connected to the Web page.

The information in the central search database is indexed. Landing refers to the process of examining the contents and determining the relevance of the information contained on the Web page. The different components of a Web page that are searched to create indexes include the contents of the title and the keyboard, titles of the links, and the text inside the account.

After the Web page is analyzed for its contents, it is ranked in relation to the other Web pages that contain information on similar subjects. The algorithm to rant Web pages differs from one search engine to another.
When end user submit the keyboard or combination of keyboards to the search engine, the information is searched in the central search database and the results are returned to the end users.

Former Search Engine Tools

A variety of text-based search tools were used to archive, locate, and download files and resources from the Internet. Some of these tools includes Gopher, Archie, and Veronica.

Gopher :

Gopher was a text-based document-retrieval Internet application that used to browse and search for information on Internet servers. The application was developed at the University of Minnesota and named after the school’s mascot, the Golden Gopher. A gopher server display the documents stored in its database in a hierarchical structure Gopher severs are not functional anymore. The contents in the Gopher database have been converted into websites that can be easily accessed through the current search engines.


Archive was an Internet application that conducted searches for the files available at client or a Telnet client to search for files. After the results were presented, the files could be downloaded through an FTP client. Most Archie servers are no longer functional.


Veronica is an acronym for Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index of Computerized Archives. This search utility was developed at the University of Nevada. It was used to find information on gopher servers. Veronica allowed users to enter keyboards to search the gopher site for files, directories, and other resources.

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