Thursday, March 11, 2010

Introduction of C# Programming Langage


Programming contains the series of commands that create software. In general, a language that is encoded is binary numbers or a language similar to binary numbers that a computer’s hardware understands in understood more quickly by the computer. A program written in this type of language also runs faster. Languages that use words or other commands that reflects how humans think are easier for programmers to use, but they are slower because the language must be translated first so the computer can understand it.

Introduction C#

C# is a new computer-programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA. C# is a fully object-oriented language like Java and is the first Component-oriented language. It has been designed to support the key features of .NET Framework, the new development platform for building component-based software solution.

It is a simple, efficient, productive and type-safe language derived from the popular C and C++ languages. Although it belongs to the family of C/C++, it is a purely objected-oriented, modern language suitable for developing Web-based application.

There are some features of C#.

* Major parts of .NET Framework are actually code in C#.
* It is a brand new language derived from the C / C++ family.
* It simplifies and modernizes C++.
* It will become the language of choice for .NET programming.
* It embodies today’s concern for simplicity, productivity and robustness.
* It is intrinsically object-oriented and web-enabled
* It is a concise, lean and modern language.
* It is the only language designed for the .NET Framework.
* It is the only component-oriented language available today.

Characteristics of C#

The language that is designed for both computing and communications is characterized by several fey feature. It is.

Object Oriented

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